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Global Konowledge Partnership (GKP) lance un appel à candidature pour Consultant.
Toute persone intéressée peut prendre contact directement avec la responsable.
Adresse de contact ci-dessous.
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 04:59:51 -0500
De: kwan@gkpsecretariat.org.my
Objet: [GKP_List1] Consultancy for Africa
À: "GKP_list1"
Dear colleagues,
The Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP www.globalknowledge.org ) is trying to identify a consultant to work on the following Terms of Reference. Please help us by sending this message to anyone who may be interested to take on the consultancy.
We would appreciate a response by 23 March.
To identify potential strategic members from Africa for the GlobalKnowledge Partnership. A multilingual and non exclusive approach should be taken.
The evaluation of organizations is to be in-line with the membershipcriteria formulated in GKP's Governance Formulation (see www.globalknowledge.org) and in view of joint activities that make bestimpact.
As a multi-stakeholder Partnership (MSP), we are interested in organizations from all sectors, public, private, not for profit, academia and research institutions. For the private sector we would like to associate with organizations that have experiences in the MSP approach and who see value in making social investment by supporting ICT projects. Donors in the region are naturally important.
For civil Society, GKP is interested in organizations that are networks with a strong national and regional partnership base. They should be institutionally well managed (with good practices of transparency,
participation and accountability) and have sound practice in the area of ICT4D. Areas of interest include poverty reduction, gender, youth, financing, governance, media, indigenous and local knowledge and MSPs.
It would be advantageous if these organizations have been recognized for outstanding work (through awards).
In addition, we would like to know the mission and activities of the institutions or projects (where relevant) in relation to:
a) Poverty reduction
b) Employment and income generation
c) Increase of social justice
d) Good governance
e) Sustainable management of natural resources
This can be ranked as high, medium, poor.
A working knowledge of English by the management of these organizations would be useful, but is not a pre-requisite.
Questions to be answered by the consultant.
What is your area of expertise in ICT4D? What research or publications have you done on the subject and in what region?
What is your experience in mapping or profiling of ICT4D organizations?
What is your knowledge regarding ICT4D activities and organizations in Africa?
Is it possible to complete the research by end of April? Do you have suitable partners to help you achieve the mandate and if so, who are they?
What is your consultancy fee to complete the task / how many days of work do you estimate this consultancy would need?
Please forward our request to others who may help with this process.
With thanks
Kwan Liow
Deputy Executive Director
Member Services
GKP Secretariat
L2-I-4, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: ++ 603 89962379/ 89962486 Fax: ++603 89962382
E-Mail: kwan@gkpsecretariat.org.my

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